The Environmental Impact of Rolling Papers:
BY ASH Travel Team

 Why ASH Papers is the Sustainable Choice

Rolling papers have been a popular choice for smoking enthusiasts for centuries, but have you ever stopped to consider the environmental impact of using them? From deforestation to chemical processing, the production of rolling papers can have a significant impact on the planet.

At ASH , we recognize the importance of sustainability and have taken steps to minimize our environmental impact. Here's why choosing ASH Premium rolling papers is the sustainable choice:

  1. Unbleached Rolling Papers: Our rolling papers are made from unbleached pulp, which means they are free from harsh chemicals such as chlorine. Bleaching agents used in traditional rolling paper production can harm the environment by releasing harmful pollutants into the air and water.
  2. Eco-Friendly Packaging: Our rolling papers come in biodegradable packaging, which means they won't contribute to landfill waste. In addition, we use soy ink for printing on the packaging, which is a renewable resource and produces fewer emissions than traditional petroleum-based inks.
  3. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified: We source our paper from FSC-certified forests, which ensures that our materials are harvested in a sustainable and responsible manner. This means that for every tree that is harvested, another is planted in its place.
  4. Carbon-Neutral Production: We have taken steps to minimize our carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources and offsetting our remaining emissions through carbon offsetting programs.

Climate change image
Forest effect of ASH rolling papers

By choosing ASH Premium rolling papers, you can enjoy your smoking experience while minimizing your impact on the environment. Our commitment to sustainability is just one of the many reasons why we believe ASH Premium rolling papers are the best choice for smokers who care about the planet.

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